Mililani Psychology Group

In 2002, Dr. Gina Samala opened her private practice in the Mililani Town Center after several years working for the Department of Defense assessment clinics and serving Hawaii’s children and families. In 2016, Mililani Psychology Group was born in response to growing community needs. Dr. Samala, Dr. Kyleanne Braman and Dr. Michelle Kawasaki originated the group with Michele “Missy” Mori providing administrative support. Providers benefitted immensely from the professional, and administrative support working together as a group. Our clients benefitted from options of more varied specialities and providers practicing their passion and increase focus on clinical practice.

Since 2016, MPG has evolved: adding carefully selected providers, relocating, and successfully adapting to the COVID-19 needs to ensure safety. However, one thing that has not changed has been the balance that MPG seeks to maintain: supporting providers’ ability to focus on clinical services to meet client needs. MPG is extremely appreciative for the opportunity to serve clients, professionals who have chosen to join them, and support staff who make it all possible.


For New Patients Only