neuropsychological & educational testing

Mililani Psychology Group (MPG) specializes in quality cognitive and psychoeducational assessments, approaching each case based on unique client needs. Below is a summary of the services and cost range determined by the complexity of the evaluation. Detail is included to convey the estimated face-to-face patient time required noted in parenthesis. A portion of the assessment is conducted outside face-to-face hours for analysis and reporting. Medical insurance may cover a portion of the cost, hence, contacting your insurance carrier to verify coverage is recommended.

Evaluation Process

  1. Call the office to make an appointment
  2. Complete and submit downloaded forms
  3. Bring report cards; educational reports
  4. Clinical interview and next step to best address concerns
  5. If proceeding with the assessment:
    1. Parent submits completed clinical rating scales at intake appointment
    2. MPG provides written verification of assessment battery and quote
    3. Schedule testing sessions

(1-3 visits drop off, usually 2 hours each)

  1. Get a good night’s sleep and medication status as requested
  2. Feel free to pack a snack, drink, a jacket, and a favorite item
  3. 50% of cost (cash or copay) due at first testing session
  1. 50% of cost (cash or copay) due prior to report release.
  2. Review of results and comprehensive reports


For New Patients Only

Testing Services